The song "Jenny (867-5309)" was an '80s sensation. A hit for Tommy Tutone, it was written by Alex Call, who was in the band Clover with Huey Lewis. Alex' book 867-5309 Jenny: the Song That Saved Me is equal parts biography, tour diary, and gritty success story. It's where Alex recounts his adventures in Clover, his struggle with alcoholism, and the revival of his career by "Jenny," the song about a guy who becomes infatuated with a phone number on a bathroom wall.

Alex is a very interesting dude; a talented songwriter and musician who never found fame but may have found something better: publishing royalties. The great thing about writing a hit like "867-5309" is that checks keep showing up in your mailbox.

The reason this song keeps giving is that it keeps showing up in popular culture. Stories swarm around the girl and the number, the song and its writer. Let's see if you can you tell "867-5309" fact from fiction.

For more stories about Alex Call, Tommy Tutone, Huey Lewis, Carlos Santana, Thin Lizzy, and more, check out his book 867-5309 Jenny: the Song That Saved Me. Here's a bit about how in his early days, Alex jammed with a guitarist who would later serve a life sentence for murder:
"One afternoon... Mitch and I played along with a weird, stoned guy who Johnny Ciambotti knew a little named Bummer Bob. He played catatonic guitar, eyes glazed over from god-knows-what coursing through his veins. We felt like little kids playing with a weirdo. Later, Bummer Bob killed the bagpipe player with a sword as part of Charles Manson's 'family.'"